Lummy Days 09 - July 2009

This month Lummy Days comes from Ashley Manor recording studios in Wiltshire, where we celebrate the forthcoming release of the new Stackridge album, A Victory for Common Sense. There is track by track commentary from producer Chris Hughes and various band members, plus an extra special Lummy Days exclusive; the song they could not fit on the album!

Track Listing

00:00:00  (Waiting For You and) England to Return (Extract) - Stackridge
00:04:56  Boots And Shoes (Extract) - Stackridge
00:07:19  The Old Country (Extract) - Stackridge
00:11:14  (Waiting For You and) England to Return (Extract) - Stackridge
00:15:53  Red Squirrel (Extract) - Stackridge
00:18:02  North St. Grande (Extract) - Stackridge
00:21:39  Long Dark River (Extract) - Stackridge
00:23:46  Lost And Found (Extract) - Stackridge
00:25:16  Cheese And Ham (Extract) - Stackridge
00:26:46  The Day The World Stopped Turning (Extract) - Stackridge
00:31:34  Juke Box Jury Theme - Stackridge
00:35:33  Seek and you will find - Stackridge
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