Lummy Days 03 - January 2009

In this show we will be dancing on air and exploring a whacky Stackridge dance craze, we find out what it is like to be Stackridge's manager and discover why Andy and Mutter ended up wearing Elton John's clothes!

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy days - Stackridge
00:01:45  The Slater's waltz - Stackridge
00:07:54  Dancing with my shadow - Billy Cotton and his band
00:12:14  Dancing on air - Stackridge
00:19:42  It's never not now - Glowglobes
00:24:20  Spin Round The Room - Stackridge
00:27:13  Do the Freddie - Freddie and the Dreamers
00:31:36  Short back and sides (the haircut song) - The Magnettes
00:34:02  I like bananas (because they have no bones) - Hoosier Hotshots
00:37:28  Women of Ireland - Andy Davis
00:41:09  Ukulele Anarchy - Symphonic BCC
00:44:37  Social Vertigo - 3 Daft Monkeys
00:51:25  Do the Stanley - Stackridge
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