Lummy Days 23 - October 2010

This month podcast contains a rich tapestry of socks,hat festivals and teapots as we take off on an eccentric and melodic adventure into the world of Stackridge.

Additional music from Rachel By The Stream, The Blue Meanies,Billy Cotton and his Band,
Kevin Ayers,3 Daft Monkeys,The Keston Cobblers Club,X Ray Spex,The Hot Potato Syncopators,Johnny and the Lowdowns,The Nusongs Project and The Korgis.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:33  The Last Plimsoll - Stackridge
00:07:36  The Sock Song - Rachel By The Stream
00:11:00  Surfin' USA - The Blue Meanies
00:14:46  A nice cup of tea - Billy Cotton and his band
00:18:03  Rockpots -
00:19:57  Tea Time - Stackridge
00:26:55  Hat - Kevin Ayers
  Bridport Hat festival -
00:33:39  Days of the Dance - 3 Daft Monkeys
00:40:13  Fly Boy - The Keston Cobblers Club
00:45:24  I Am A Poseur - X Ray Spex
00:47:55  Yes yes - The Hot Potato Syncopators
00:50:42  Sleeping Socks - Johnny and the Lowdowns
00:54:50  Standing At The Edge Of The Abyss   - the nusongs project
01:02:37  If it's alright with you baby - The Korgis
Lummy Days is Stackridge's official Podcast and is produced monthly by Fatty Fudge. Further episodes and full show notes are available at .