Lummy Days 21 - August 2010

This month Lummy Days podcast is hijacked by a rogue nun and turns into The Sister Whitloe Experience, Andy talks about new Stackridge songs and Crun reveals his preferred method of recording.

Additional music from Steve Good, The Strawberry Fools, Trembling Bells, Frank Zappa, LAF, Devo, Dr Butlers Hatstand Band, Tree, Max Miller and an extra big thanks to Steve Good for his extra contributions.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:50  Waiting for you and England to return - Stackridge
00:06:16  Catholic Girls - Frank Zappa
00:10:46  How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite - The Strawberry Fools
00:13:39  Happy in the Lord - Stackridge
00:17:47  Penny Fathing - Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band
00:25:22  Winnie the Whistler - Max Miller
00:28:11  Baby, Lay your Burden down - Trembling Bells
00:33:02  Ruth did you read my mind - Stackridge
00:37:05  Queen Mary's - Steve Good
00:40:58  Mongoloid - Devo
00:45:03  L'Autobus - LAF
00:48:39  Anxiety - Tree
00:55:21  Dangerous Bacon - Stackridge
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