Lummy Days 19 - May 2010

This month we have some rare catches in the Stackridge butterfly net, including two 1970s concert recordings, Andys memroies of his cat and the lads in the band choose an actress to be marooned with.

Additional music from Bert Miller and the animal folk, Dynamo Bliss, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists,Gracie Fields,Alan Draper,Larry Pickleman,The Korgis,The Pink Fairies.Mary Gauthier and Lady June

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:24  The Old Country - Stackridge
00:05:37  Worms don't like a rainbow - Bert Miller and the animal folk!
00:09:41  Fear of Clouds - Dynamo Bliss
00:18:21  Weep in your beer - The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
00:25:07  Spin Round the room - Stackridge
00:30:11  The Thing-Ummy-Bob - Gracie Fields
00:33:08  The Lyder Loo - Alan Draper
00:36:28  Go to school - Larry Pickleman
00:39:06  All the love in the world - The Korgis
00:45:01  When's The Fun Begin - The Pink Fairies
00:51:14  I Drink - Mary Gauthier
00:56:03  To Whom It May Concern - Lady June
00:59:20  Your mother should know - Stackridge
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