Lummy Days 18 - April 2010

Another choice selection of music chat and laughter from the Stackridge pick-and-mix counter.This month we meet the imfamous composer Smegmakovitch,talk to Robert Wyatt about sampling voices and join Stackridge on desert island discs.

Additional music from The Singing Loins,Billy Cotton,The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra Principal Edwards Magic Theatre,Southbound,Kevin Ayers,Robert Wyatt,Carys Lowry-Carter,Kerry Christensen and The Legendary Pink Dots..

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:26  The Road to Venezuela - Stackridge
00:07:11  Please Take My Scissors Away - The Singing Loins
00:11:56  The Man with the mandolin - Billy Cotton
00:15:05  Thank-You For Not Discussing The Outside World. - The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra
00:22:12  Someday they'll find out - James Warren
00:24:50  The Beast - Principal Edwards Magic Theatre
00:31:00  Mess - Southbound
00:34:14  Walk on water - Kevin Ayers
00:40:35  A Beautiful War - Robert Wyatt
00:43:23  Hysteric - Carys Lowry-Carter
00:46:51  The Chicken Yodel - Kerry Christensen
00:48:39  Voices - The Legendary Pink Dots
00:53:43  Father Frankenstein is behind your pillow - Stackridge
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