Lummy Days 15a - January 2010 (special)

Two podcasts this month - this is the profanity fuelled Torrettes version and another suitable for more delicate listeners. In this podcast Mutter talks about when he left the band, we witness Crun swearing on Capital Radio and play a track from the new Stackridge 4x4 DVD. Additional music from The Dresden Dolls, The Bloodhound Gang and the Cheeky Chappie himself Max Miller.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:45  Dirty Nightingale - Stackridge
00:06:47  Miss You - The Dresden Dolls
00:13:36  The Volunteer - Stackridge
00:19:35  Three Point One Four - The Bloodhound Gang
00:24:08  The Hiking Song - Max Miller
00:28:47  Red Squirrel - Stackridge
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