Lummy Days 15 - January 2010

Two podcasts this month, this clean one and another which is a profanity fuelled feast. In this programme we speak to the man who turned Stackridge into the Woodentops, find out about when James Warren left the band and hear about a thieving celebrity. Additional music from The Missing Puddings, Daevid Allen and our dear chum Mr Alan Draper.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:28  The Last Plimsoll - Stackridge
00:07:07  50 Will Last Forever - The Missing Puddings
00:12:54  A Chistmas Cracker Joke - Jouis
00:18:57  The Volunteer - Stackridge
00:24:19  Memories - Daevid Allen
00:28:59  The Virgin and the blind man - Alan Draper
00:31:49  Tribute in wood to Stackridge - Boots and Shoes -
00:33:44  Boots and Shoes - Stackridge
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