Lummy Days 13 - November 2009

This month it is all parties, knees and football as we celebrate Lummy Days first birthday. We have the world premiere of the new Stackridge Christmas single, Crun enlightens the world on the subject of Whitebait and the Brittany-based band , The Churchfitters, talk to Fatty Fudge about their history and music.

Additional music from Joe Woodham, Phillip Glass, The Scaffold, Charlie Chester, Spirogyra, Ivor Cutler, The Blue Meanies and Louise Le May.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:48  Grease Paint Smiles - Stackridge
00:07:01  That Gloomy Day - Joe Woodham
00:09:37  An Everyday Consumption Song - Spirogyra
00:15:50  The only fish - Louise Le May
00:20:45  North St. Grande (Dancing together by Christmas Time) - Stackridge
00:23:35  Who wants a suck of my thumb? - Ivor Cutler
00:30:53  Knee Deep - The Churchfitters
00:37:37  Bee's Knees - The Churchfitters
00:43:18  Knee 5 - Phillip Glass
00:47:48  Knees Down Mother Brown - The Scaffold
00:50:52  Baby now that I've found you - The Blue Meanies
00:53:58  The Vamp of Bagdad - Charlie Chester
00:56:50  Sliding Down The Razorblade of Love - Stackridge
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