Lummy Days 12 - October 2009

Another delicious feast of music and chat, framed around the phenomenal delights of that fabulous West Country band Stackridge. This month we will share memories of Stackridges early days , have music from Crun and Eddies band The Harrisons and feature the new single from the popular Stackridge support act, Jouis.

Additional music from The Hot Toddies, Tankus The Henge, Peter and the Penguins, Hobbyhorse, Faust, The Lancashire Hotpots, Mr Alan Draper and Jack Hodges (The Raspberry King).

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:54  Fundimentally Yours - Stackridge
00:08:05  HTML - The Hot Toddies
00:12:21  I fear Ikea - The Lancashire Hotpots
00:15:55  Rather too Cold - Tankus The Henge
00:19:25  Good morning Moon - Hobbyhorse
00:23:18  Barefoot - Peter and the Penguins
00:26:49  After the Tetracycline - Alan Draper
00:31:14  Yellow Meadows - Jouis
00:34:52  Everything is fresh today - Jack Hodges (The Raspberry King)
00:39:01  Little Head - The Harrisons
00:45:38  The Sad Skinhead - Faust
00:48:37  Have Faith in Love - Stackridge
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