Lummy Days 01 - November 2008

In this first show we talk to Mutter Slater about his new CD, Riding a Hurricane, get a sneak preview of a song from the new Stackridge album currently being recorded and discover that Stackridge invented the people carrier.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy days - Stackridge
00:01:40  Grande piano - Stackridge
00:06:17  No friends - The Bobby McGee’s
00:09:50  Only the dues to pay - The Mutter Slater Band
00:15:41  Sister Josephine - Jake Thackray
00:20:27  Boots and shoes - Stackridge
00:25:34  I want a banana - Arthur Askey
00:29:08  Who backs a winner these days? (Pinafore Days) - Davy McGowan
00:32:45  Wonderful day - Stackridge
00:36:24  Just as you are - Robert Wyatt
00:41:00  Stackridge TV -
00:42:14  Humiliation - Stackridge
00:46:15  Dora the female explorer - Stackridge
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